Monday, November 1, 2010

Holiday meeting schedule

The holidays are here and that means everyone's schedules are filling up fast!  So, the holiday schedule will be as follows:

Rexburg and Rigby meetings remain the same.
Ashton meeting moves to Nov. 18th.

All meetings are cancelled.  If you check a carrier out in Novermber, it is due in January at the regularly scheduled meeting.

All meetings resume on the regular schedule.

Happy Babywearing!  And Happy Holidays!

Recent meeting photos!

Magic Ergo:


Peekaroo babywearing vest over a Babyhawk Oh Snap:

See that little bug in the Amauti?  Nothing like an Amauti here in Eastern Idaho winters!

And a little one-month-old snuggled in a Moby:

I think he's smiling. 

Come join the fun!