Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Babywearing Week Updates!

We're getting close to the most wonderful time of the year...BABYWEARING WEEK! We're in the midst of getting everything pulled together for it and it's going right along! Check the side bar for what's in store. It will be updated often as things are finalized so be sure to watch it!

A few things (which will also be emailed out to those on our list):

If you have a carrier, PLEASE get it back to either Brittany, Kimber or Natalie so that we can inventory them, have them ready for Babywearing Week, and have a proper library up and running ASAP. This means ALL of them. Yes, the one that you borrowed. As soon as the library is ready we'll be lending them out for 2 weeks at a time so that there will be opportunity for everyone to try them. Thank you!

Also, if you feel like you can help during Babywearing Week we'll sure be able to use your help. If you can't then that is OK! Just spread the word about the activities. People don't have to have a baby to get involved. There will be many fun family events that we would like to have the community involved in with getting to know us! So invite all your friends and neighbors!

For those of you who have come to us asking to help, thank you! We'll be emailing you in the next couple of days with assignments. We really appreciate it!

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Article!

In case you didn't get to see it, here is the article that was in last week's paper. I'm not sure if it's readable in this picture, so if it's not I'm sorry! Rebecca did a wonderful job and we really appreciate her shout out for us!
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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mentioned in Rigby's local paper!

As I was glancing over the Jefferson Star on Wednesday, I noticed a very cool article written by Rebecca Squires about our visit before the Rigby City Council on proclaiming Baby Week in Rigby.

I'm going to give her a jingle soon to see if it's OK with her to publish the article on the blog (which she mentioned in her article, Yay!)

If you get a chance and are in Rigby, pick up a Jefferson Star and check it out!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fashion Show Entry!

Here I am...packing my 3 kids! I told my husband that when we have to flee the city I'll pack the kids and he can pack our food & supplies. ;)
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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Winter babywearing coats

Winter is coming and I love babywearing, but it's friggin' freezing!

So, here are some products I adore:



Suseskinder coat (and all other babywearing apparel)

Peekaru babywearing vest (I own and adore it!)

Japanese Weekend Mamacoat (I also own and adore it!)
Faux Fur here

Didymos mother child jacket

Felix Pera coat

The M coat
Here too

Psling down coat

Covers for just baby in a carrier

Catbirdbaby's fleece cover

Babyhawk hoodies

And of course for you crafty mamas, some patterns/tutorials to make your own.
I plan to make a new poncho very soon here so I don't look like a hobo anymore, lol.

by petchy

Kristi of Gypsy Mama (now Wrapsody) instructions for a poncho

Jacket Insert

Sarah's poncho hosted by Sleeping Baby

Online Fashion Show!

Show us your babywearing pictures. Send them to and we'll get them posted. We want to see you wearing your little one(s)! Not just that but also creative (but SAFE) ways that you use your carriers. As long as they are appropriate and safe we will post them!

We'll have this up now through the end of Babywearing Week (maybe longer) so send those pictures in as often as you want! Join in the FUN!!!!!

International Babywearing Week!

We need your comments and suggestions! Please let us know if you have any ideas to make this year's Babywearing Week better.

Kimber, Natalie...feel free to come in and add whatever you want!

Weekly Schedule:
Wednesday: No Sew Wrap & Pouch sewing classes
Thursday: Library Demo
Friday: Potluck Social - Soup-A-Thon Contest & Bake-Off judged by local celebrities for WONDERFUL prizes & family pictures fundraising
Saturday: Demo at the Old Sugar Mill Mommy & Me Exercise class (low key)
Sunday: Family Walk at City Park with refreshments
Monday: Rigby Museum Day
Tuesday: Family Formal & family pictures fundraising

Fundraising Ideas:
Key chains
Refreshments at Old Sugar Mill Haunted House
Family Pictures
Bumper Stickers
Silent Auction

October Babywearing Meeting

We had our monthly meeting this morning at the Old Sugar Mill. We'll most likely be holding our meetings here through the winter. It's very generous of them to allow us to hold it there, we really appreciate it! We talked about wraps, tried out new ties and loved snuggling our babies. We also discussed some FUN ideas for next month's Babywearing Week. *more on that in another post* Next month's meeting will be on November 8th, 10am where we'll finalize plans for Babywearing Week. Hope to see you there!

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Babywearing Meeting TODAY!

In 30 minutes!
Come and wrap with us! See where it is on the sidebar.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Rigby's Babywearing Week has been DECLARED!

It's official! Mayor Brown has declared November 12-18th Rigby's Babywearing week. Thank you to those who came to support us!

The peanut gallery.

A few of the stalwart men that made this night possible.

The "wearers" headed out after success...

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TONIGHT! Rigby City Council Meeting for babywearers!

We are asking the City of Rigby to declare Nov 12-18 Rigby Babywearing week!

Please please come wear your baby to to the meeting, bring your families and show your support for babywearing! It is TONIGHT (Tuesday, October 7) at 7pm. It is at City Hall (the little building under the water tower).

Email us for info and please forward the link to this post to anyone in the area you can think of!


Join us on Saturday, October 10th 10-11am at the Old Sugar Mill Factory. We will be doing demo's and answering questions about wraps at Sugar Snap Blossom's (that's the name, right?). Just look for us, we'll be there!