Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Babywearing Week Updates!

We're getting close to the most wonderful time of the year...BABYWEARING WEEK! We're in the midst of getting everything pulled together for it and it's going right along! Check the side bar for what's in store. It will be updated often as things are finalized so be sure to watch it!

A few things (which will also be emailed out to those on our list):

If you have a carrier, PLEASE get it back to either Brittany, Kimber or Natalie so that we can inventory them, have them ready for Babywearing Week, and have a proper library up and running ASAP. This means ALL of them. Yes, the one that you borrowed. As soon as the library is ready we'll be lending them out for 2 weeks at a time so that there will be opportunity for everyone to try them. Thank you!

Also, if you feel like you can help during Babywearing Week we'll sure be able to use your help. If you can't then that is OK! Just spread the word about the activities. People don't have to have a baby to get involved. There will be many fun family events that we would like to have the community involved in with getting to know us! So invite all your friends and neighbors!

For those of you who have come to us asking to help, thank you! We'll be emailing you in the next couple of days with assignments. We really appreciate it!

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Natalie said...

I LOVE the idea of loaning out baby carriers through the library. They've been awesome for the community, we love the community, so it's a perfect fit!