Saturday, October 11, 2008

Winter babywearing coats

Winter is coming and I love babywearing, but it's friggin' freezing!

So, here are some products I adore:



Suseskinder coat (and all other babywearing apparel)

Peekaru babywearing vest (I own and adore it!)

Japanese Weekend Mamacoat (I also own and adore it!)
Faux Fur here

Didymos mother child jacket

Felix Pera coat

The M coat
Here too

Psling down coat

Covers for just baby in a carrier

Catbirdbaby's fleece cover

Babyhawk hoodies

And of course for you crafty mamas, some patterns/tutorials to make your own.
I plan to make a new poncho very soon here so I don't look like a hobo anymore, lol.

by petchy

Kristi of Gypsy Mama (now Wrapsody) instructions for a poncho

Jacket Insert

Sarah's poncho hosted by Sleeping Baby

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