Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ethnic Babywearing

We all know babywearing is great, but it is by no means a new trend in the world! Check out this awesome slide show of babywearing in its ethnic origins...

Check it out!

Friday, July 8, 2011

NEW Lending Library Information and Policies

Since we are now an OFFICIAL chapter of Babywearing International, we must implement some new policies.  We promise they won't be painful and they are still super user friendly.  Here are all of our policies all in one place (though still in draft form).  You saw them here first!

  • We strive to maintain a lending library of carriers that are current models, affordable and from reputable manufactures. 
  • Meeting attendance is free.  Trying out a carrier at a meeting is free.  Checking out a carrier to take home and try for a month is free. 
  • Our library is meant as a "try before you buy" resource.  It is NOT meant as a "borrow instead of buy" resource.
  • To keep the carriers available to people who want to try them, you can only check out a specific carrier model once every six months.  Example: you cannot check out a Red Moby one month and the Twilight Moby the next month. However, you CAN check out a red Moby one month and a Wrapsody stretch the next. 
  • You are only allowed to check out one carrier per month. 
  • You must attend a meeting in order to check out a carrier.
  • As an official chapter of Babywearing International (BWI) we are required to encourage BWI membership. To do that, after your first two check-outs you must join BWI and pay the $30 membership fee in order to check out a third carrier.  Membership is good for a year. You are still able and encouraged to attend meetings and try carriers at meetings without joining BWI.
  • Our leaders are subject to these same policies.
  • If a carrier is lost or stolen or damaged while in your possession, you are responsible for the full replacement value.
  • If a carrier is not returned by the due date, you may be charged for the full replacement value.
  • If you cannot make it to the next local meeting and your carrier is due, you may mail the carrier to the address on your check out form or make arrangements to return the carrier to Babywearing International of Southern Idaho on or by the due date stated above.
  • If a carrier is not returned on time, you risk losing your check-out privileges and may be charged for the full replacement value.
  • Babywearing International of Southern Idaho reserves the right to request a check for the replacement value of the carrier when you check it out. They will only cash the check if the carrier is not returned in a timely manner and in good condition.
  • Babywearing International of Southern Idaho knows that babies are messy. If the carrier is soiled in my care, we ask that you spot clean it, but  not wash it as washing it may damage the carrier.
  • By checking out a carrier to you, Babywearing International of Southern Idaho agrees to show you how to use the carrier safely.  And by checking out a carrier, you agree to use caution and common sense while using it with a child.  It is your responsibility to use the carrier responsibly.
  • Babywearing International of Southern Idaho cannot be held liable for any injury that may occur to you or a child while using this carrier.