Monday, October 31, 2011

Bowl, Baby! Bowl!

We had a little bowling party this week.  Babies came, too!

And, the baby got to bowl!

So did his big sister.  She was pretty excited!

Go play!  Babywearing makes it so much easier!  And so much more FUN!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I love babywearing meetings

I think my favorite part of babywearing meetings is the brand new moms.  I really wish that I had discovered babywearing with my first baby.  Because it's so powerful!

These brand new moms come in looking for something.  I'm not convinced they really *know* what they are looking for.  They are tired--the kind of tired you only get when you have a newborn.  They are not quite in their element because this "mom" thing isn't quite who they are yet.  But they are looking for *something*.  Sometimes *anything* will do. 

And then we throw a carrier on them and get their baby all snuggled in.

And suddenly, there is a baby who is comfy and happy and a mom who suddenly feels that everything in the world is right.  Or at least it can be.

Behold, the power of babywearing! 

And then these moms who came in weary and unsure nearly skip out of the meeting full of confidence and hope.  I've seen it over and over and over again. I am just as in awe of it now as I was the first time I witnessed it.  And every time I see it it brings those feelings I had when I first figured it out rushing back so powerfully that I nearly cry.

Hold your babies close!  It's where they are supposed to be!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

IBW 2011: Make it Monday

The Idaho Babywearers have been busy this year!
We were able to help organize International Babywearing Week for 2011, and boy has it been fun.
One of the events was "Make it Monday", a day when we were able to teach others how to make their own safe baby carrier.
We had a blast!

Woo hoo!

Our newest Volunteer Babywearing Educator, Rachel was teaching a mama how to use her mei tai.

Our President Angela and darling new Melina in the super awesome wrap donated to us by Didymos in honor of International Babywearing Week! Thank you Didymos! (Now all of you come check this wrap out from the library, it is awesome!)

Our other President Marie with James wearing a Boba donated to us in honor of International Babywearing Week! Thank you Boba!

Looks like one baby doesn't want mama to sew right now!

Here is another little one (almost) patiently waiting to be worn in her new carrier!

Check out our new leader in training (in the middle) Kendle Hammon! We are so excited!

VBEs and buddies.

All of our leaders who were at the meeting. We are excited that nearly all of us have our Volunteer Babywearing Educator Certification. By the end of the year we hope all of our leaders will be certified!

Katie modeling the awesome Taylormade mei tai also donated to us for this week! Thank you Taylormade! (That babydoll is kind of scary though.)

Angela modeling with the read deal.

Our first finished carrier! What sewing skills and what a good looking mama!

We had a great turnout, a fantastic time and we hope you will all come out and sew with us again!

Thursday we will have a Babywearing 101 class, come join us! Check out our facebook page for details!
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Monday, October 10, 2011

Walk It Wednesday!

To celebrate International Babywearing Week, we’re going to strut our babywearing stuff for “Walk it Wednesday” down at the Idaho Falls Greenbelt Trail! We’ll meet at 1pm at the corner of Memorial Drive and E Street (there’s a bandstand and picnic tables at this area of the park along the river). We’ll walk south toward the Art Museum of Eastern Idaho where there's a playground for kids--about a 15 minute walk. There is easy parking across the street from our meeting point at the LDS church (north corner of Memorial Dr and Riverside Dr/E Street). See you this Wednesday--let's gather in mass and turn some heads!
Here's a map of our meeting point: Memorial Dr & E St

Monday, October 3, 2011

Preparing for International Babywearing Week 2011

The Idaho Babywearers have been a BIG part of International Babywearing Week 2011!
We helped plan the activities for the week, organize the awards and help get sponsors.
One of the biggest jobs we had was to send out the packets to groups all over the world!

Rachel, Angela, Marie and Kimber got together last week to get the packages ready.
(Melina helped too!)

The official Babywearing International Groups got some extra goodies in their packages! Another reason we are thrilled to be a part of BWI!

Kimber was very excited about the packages!

Melina got a bit tired. Poor thing.

But Angela worked through the night getting boxes ready to ship out, complete with duct time in true Idaho fashion.

Wanna know what we got in OUR kit? Keep watching for a blog post!
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