Saturday, August 9, 2008

August 9 Meeting

We had a wonderful first meeting! Thanks to everyone who attended and a special thanks for those who brought their carriers to share & play with. We will plan on doing meetings on the second Saturday of the month, 10 am, in the City Park while weather is nice. We'll let you all know where we'll hold it once the cold weather starts.

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Natalie said...

I had so much fun chatting with fellow baby wearers. I'm pumped to attend meetings regularly so I can learn little tricks with regular articles of fabric. I slung Eliza in my scarf I used as a pirate for Halloween last year and am still jazzed over the fact that I had a carrier of my own at home! If it's one thing that I learned from Saturday, it's that baby wearing can be accomplished so easily just by taking a new look in the closet.

Plus, it's so cute to see my husband wear our toddler. It makes him look even more studly of a dad and Seth thinks he's so cool going piggy back on a cop!

Kimberlina and Sambodini (but mostly Kimberlina because Sambodini is frightened by techonology) said...

I know! I'm jealous of your scarf now!
This weekend we're going to do the fashion show at the Jefferson County Fair and it is going to be fuuuuun!
I'm loving all the men who babywear too!It's because they are rockstars...

The Duckers said...

Too bad I missed this and had to work! Such a bummer. and we didn't even have power at work until 12:45.
You gals look like hot mamas!

mike and chenoa said...

thanks for the fun time. It was great to see and play with all the baby carriers. I don't think I will be able to make it to the fashion show tomorrow, but can't wait to see pics!