Thursday, December 4, 2008

Is this YOU??? Did you win???

I got this email today. Please let me know if it was you (email me through this site) and I'll get you in touch with your PRIZE!!!

I need a little help from you guys. We just finished up a contest on giving away a Peekaru and a lady from Idaho Falls was selected as the winner. The problem is she didn't leave a valid email! Her name is Jennifer Smith, she's from Idaho Falls, and my IT staff ( dh!! ) tells me she came to the site from

Here's her post:
"I have always been heavy, but after the birth of my last baby, I found babywearing. I wore my baby doing everything including walking for exercise. Now she weighs almost 30# and is 2yrs old and I have lost 50#s. Now I use all my xl jackets to wrap us up in the cold idaho winters while we walk"

If that was your post please email me and I'll get you the info!

Thank you!


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