Thursday, January 1, 2009

So, um, wanna host 2010's Internation Babywearing Conference in Idaho?

I jokingly mentioned the idea on tbw and nobody laughed at me. Now I'm thinking it might just rock. We have 3 college campuses nearby, it would be awesome to do... It would take a small army of us, but I believe we could recruit people for it and think of how amazing it would be to pull it off!

What do ya'll think?


Natalie said...

I think it would be quite an undertaking for such a new chapter of Babywearing, but if you think it's achievable, I'll do what I can to help!

The Owens Family said...

I'm so in! It would be a huge undertaking, but as we all know, we Idaho girls rock, so we could totally do it!

Anonymous said...

Awww, c'mon - we could do it, no doubt about it.