Sunday, April 12, 2009

April 23 come to a Baby Carrier making class!

Here are the details:

April 23 7pm (plan on being here 3 hours and be ready to jump right in)

We will be in the LDS church on the corner of 2nd West and 2nd North. It is a brick building and Rigby Junior High is right in front of it.

Heidi Donnelly (owner of Silly Goose Baby Carriers) and Kimber Tower (owner of Ball Baby Carriers) will be on hand to personally help you make a carrier safely and correctly without losing your mind. Brittany Blackburn (president of Idaho Babywearers) will be doing safety inspections and showing you how to use your carrier when you finish. We will have other members of Idaho Babywearers available to tell you about babywearing and give you any assistance or advice you might need.

We welcome ANYONE who wants to sew a carrier to come. Bring your friends and your family members who want to sew and learn with seasoned professionals!

You will need to bring the following:

A printed out copy of the instructions from the baby carrier you want to make. A list of links to patterns will be listed below. We need the instructions so we know how to sew your carrier.

All materials your instructions tell you to bring. IE: fabric, thread, a sewing machine, scissors, measuring tape, iron etc. Don't plan on someone having anything you can use, you need to fend for yourself!

Wear comfy clothes and be ready to have fun!

This won't be a kid friendly event due to the abundance of needles and irons. Please, only bring babies you can wear for the entire event or who won't be able to crawl or walk around for their safety.

*** Some important notes for making carriers:
You MUST use durable fabrics. For example, if you want to make a mei tai you need heavy fabric like a twill or a canvas. You can used a quilters cotton for the decorative parts , but for the actual carrier it must be strong and sturdy. Home dec fabric will work too.

Let me say this again: Quilter's Cotton is a bad call for your carrier. You must have sturdier fabric, at least 7 0z

For ring sling makers, please buy your rings at We will not allow you to complete your carrier with any other kind of rings. Safety first! They ship quickly, are light weight and are worth every penny.

Here is a list of links to FREE baby carrier patterns. Remember, these patterns are given as a gift to you and you CANNOT use the patterns to make baby carriers to sell or for any kind of profit. These are only for do it yourself projects or flat out gifts.

Maya Wrap Ring Sling Pattern

The Sling-A-Ma-Bob (a hot dog style ring sling)

The Karma Baby Pouch pattern (Stacey is okay with quilter's cotton doubled up for her pattern, it's your call):

Upmama Adjustable baby pouch hybrid (easy and very nice to have a hybrid!):

A multitude of different types of baby carrier patterns, including the Sleeping Baby style ring sling (in my opinion the comfiest type of ring sling) and the Ball Baby mei tai pattern. Most of these are very easy to sew:

Beth's Mei Tai (this thing is great!):

The Scandi Mei Tai (wicked fun to sew)

Okay, if you find another pattern you want to use, let us know so we can familiarize ourselves with it.

This is a going to be a really really fun night and we hope a ton of you come out to make a carrier.

Remember, anyone is invited to attend if they want to make a carrier! You don't have to be from Idaho even! Just maybe post a quick comment here or give an email so we know to watch for you!


Debi (Dubs2007) said...

I just found this site from a link at a different site, I am hoping to come and bring a friend. I am wanting to make the "Beth's Mei Tai" so I just follow the link and print and bring it - right? plus fabric.

See/ya thursday!!


Kimber said...

yes. Bring the instructions, the fabric and your sewing machine, iron, needles etc... and away we will go!