Tuesday, April 13, 2010

We Need Volunteers!

As the IBC is quickly approaching, we need volunteers to help make things run as smooth as possible during this exciting event!

Not only will you receive a goodie bag complete with a snazzy volunteer badge to make you look super official amongst Conference attendees, you'll be able to use a walkie talkie with your own call name (Kimber already called "Gizmo" as her name), AND a free ticket of your choice for either the dutch oven dinner or rodeo for putting in 4 or more hours.

So, what does an IBC volunteer do, exactly? Good question. We'll need the most help during the registration frenzy, runners, swapping places with others throughout the day while organziers or fellow volunteers attend their classes they registered for, etc.... Babywearing experience is nice but not required.

We'll be having a lot of people unfamiliar with our small town so you may just need to simply point people in the right direction or offer recommendations for local eateries (doesn't that sound fancy?!).

More details will be forthcoming, but for now, feel free to e-mail me (it's Natalie...I haven't figured out a cool codename yet) at with your name, phone number and e-mail. If you have a preference for helping in a specific location or time, we will definitely try to make it work!

This will be a lot of fun and it's exciting seeing all of this unfold as we steadily draw nearer to the Conference!

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