Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Meet the Leaders: Jentri King

Jentri is an Idaho native who was born and raised in Twin Falls. She wound up in Rexburg 8 years ago for school and just can’t seem to get out.  She is the leader of the Rexburg meetings.

Upon preparing for her many adventures of rock climbing, backpacking, and camping with her husband and a new baby, she was directed to what she later learned was “babywearing” by a fellow outdoor mama. She was introduced to stretchy wraps and mei tais as a way to get from the car to the crag and still be able haul all your gear. She was intrigued and found out more than she ever thought there was to know about babywearing at the 2010 International Babywearing Conference that was held in Rigby, Idaho. Her enthusiasm was palpable and she was sucked in by the Idaho Babywearers leadership and became a group leader several months later.

Jentri lives in Rexburg in her tiny apartment with her husband (who is going to school) and little boy (who thinks it’s his job to get into everything). She spends most of her time attempting to clean her house while getting ready for the next adventure and cleaning up after the last one.

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Lauren said...

Hey! I received a business card from you but there was no contact information for you specifically. My husband is taking my son who is 18mo old camping with him tonight (June 7). Any chance we could get a baby carrier from you before 6:30pm? Call/text 208 four 1 nine 6797. Thanks!

Lauren Mckay