Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Last year for the conference the Freehand family came and brought us one of their BRAND NEW soft structure carriers.  I was absolutely intrigued by it, but was pregnant and had an uncooperative toddler.  So I didn't get to try it.

Plus, everyone hogged it and it was checked out constantly.

Then a couple months ago the Freehand family visited us again.  And they brought another soft structure carrier.

But alas, I still didn't get my hands on one because they were all suddenly checked out again. 

But then I got to run the Rexburg meeting this last month.  I called Jentri when we were done to drop the carriers off at her house and report on the meeting.  I was so disappointed that the Freehand hadn't come back and I couldn't borrow it! 

"It's at my house," she said.  "I haven't gotten it back in the bag.  That's my fault."

I may have squealed in delight.  I finally managed to get my hands on the Freehand!

Let me tell you, this is a great carrier!  I don't have an infant any more, but it's super impressive for my toddler and preschooler!

Super light weight. Great support, even for my three-year old!  We took it on a hike on Sunday.

The Little Mister in it.  He's one and pretty chunky.

I found it pretty darn comfortable for the hike down and back--about a mile total.

He seemed pretty comfortable and content, too.

Here's the three year old.  She got tired of walking and the husband had the one year old.

Now the base on this is pretty narrow, but the way the straps come out of the base they provide some pretty awesome support so the bigger kids aren't hanging in the carrier.  I think it's brilliant!  (The Freehand mei tai has a similar design with the triangle extension of sorts at the base.)  Again, super supportive and comfy for me!

Awesome carrier.  Awesome company.  Awesome Freehand family that you can feel good supporting.

Happy Babywearing!

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Katie said...

Oo, can't wait to try it! I do love how the Freehand mei tais have that little triangle fabric that extend along the base of the panel for leg support--such a subtle but brilliant tweak. And what a pretty hike--you've inspired me to get my booty and the kiddos outdoors this weekend!