Friday, September 26, 2014

International Babywearing Week October 5th - October 11th 2014

 Idaho Babywearers is looking forward to celebrating International Babywearing Week with the rest of the babywearing community. We hope you will join us! We will be hosting two events during IBW. 

We will be hosting a DIY Carrier Night on October 10th at the Rigby City Library from 7:00pm-9:00pm where we will be helping you make a carrier of your choice. Please see the below links for the types of carriers that you can make, as well as questions on types of fabric to buy for each carrier. Please also buy thread to match whatever fabric you buy and any other materials such a sling rings, etc. as we will not be providing any raw materials. The only rings that we endorse purchasing are from due to the guarantee of solid construction and safety. If you have your own sewing machine please bring it, along with any sewing tools you feel like you would need. Please note that while all of our other events are child friendly this particular event will only be friendly to children who will be worn/in a carseat the entire time or are not mobile due to the large number of sewing machines, cords, and sharp objects that will be lying around, (please use your discretion keeping in mind the nature of the event). The below links from should answer most if not all of your questions and any other questions can be directed to our facebook page, Idaho Babywearers.

Our second event is a Babywearing Walk on the Greenbelt Saturday October 11th at 10am. We will be meeting at the North end of Memorial Drive in Idaho Falls there is a parking lot that we will be meeting next to, from there we will be walking South on Memorial (towards Key Bank) to the Farmer's Market and shopping/enjoying the morning together and passing out flyers for anyone interested in our group.

We hope you will be able to join us for one or both of these events! Any questions please direct them to one of our leaders or our facebook page. 

Also a special note - Idaho Falls meetings for the months of November and December will conflict with Thanksgiving and Christmas, therefore we will be hosting one meeting for those months on December 12th at 10am. 

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