Thursday, February 19, 2009

Meetings! Meetings! Meetings!

Okay, here we go:

This Saturday 9am at Natalies house (email us for directions). This is a planning meeting for the 2010 conference. We'll go over what we have finished and talk about what we need to be doing next, hand out more monthly assignments, etc... If this can be as kid free as possible, that would be a bonus, but do what you can, we understand. If you want to be involved in the conference in any way, we welcome you! Please come and Britt will give you some slave work to do!

Next week on the 24th there will be a Babywearing Night at a La Leche League meeting in Idaho Falls. We are welcome to attend, but NOT as Idaho Babywearers, only as bwing people. Mamas, Daddies and kiddos are welcome. Might be fun to go and meet new people... and it is kind of LLL to invite us as individuals.

Okay, that's all the meetings so far. Hope to see all of you!

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