Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Check out our new Catbird mei tais!

Literally!  You can check these Catbird mei tais out at a meeting this month!

Top to bottom: Astrid, Spring BE mei tai, and Chocolate Lollipop!

I (Heidi) am a big fan of these carriers.  They are solid and versatile, and the company is a great company.  The fabric is a brushed, sturdy canvas, which is what makes the carrier soft and supportive.  Catbird's new Babywearing Essentials line is a solid colored, less expensive collection that still gives you all the comforts of the regular line in a simple package, including head support and the elastic loop for gathering the base so it fits tiny babies who want their legs out.

Here's me with my Mr. Chunk 11 month old in the BE mei tai.  So pretty and supportive!

Come check them out this month!

And coming soon--Catbird's soft structure Pikkolo!

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Jen said...

How do you get all these carriers for your lending library?