Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rexburg Porter Park Celebrate Youth

What a fun time.  Nothing like bringing all the kids down for a fun FREE day in the park!

Marie and James in the Boba:

Jentri and Kylan in their Ergo (I think they live in that thing and she is the queen of tricking it out!)

Our awesome booth:

We're working on a banner, but in the mean time, a Wrapsody works just fine.

A couple mei tais in the breeze (pink Kozy and black Baby So Smart)

FYI, our co-president, Angela, is due any day now.  She looks so great!  And sporting an Angel Pack!

This totally made my day.  A little monkey-wearing.  And TWIN monkeys no less!

And some cowboy wearing, too!  We love cowboys! 

That mei tai is made by Sweet Slings and it's really quite fabulous!

Proof that we were there and having a great time in our Ellevill!

What fun spreading the babywearing love!  Come see us at a meeting soon!


Katie said...

Love the twin monkey wearing. LOL!!

MJ said...

Will you guys be participating in International Babywearing Week?
Thanks for posting my little monkey wearer! :)