Friday, October 11, 2013

International Babywearing Week Celebration 2013

We all love babywearing, that's why we're here!  This week is International Babywearing week and we celebrated at Marie's house last night.  Our event started quietly, with Marie teaching us about various carrier types.

Delight, Sara, and Kourtney watching Marie demonstrate carrier styles.

Marie, wearing Grace in a Wrapsody Bali Breeze, explaining the difference between a stretchy wrap, here a Moby, and a woven wrap.  James is in the bottom right corner wondering why all the little girls are playing with his toys.  (I don't know why Marie, Grace and James are sideways, I'm not that technically literate.)

Our calm Babywearing 101 course soon turned into this:

Mamas of tiny babies started dumping ring slings onto the floor in an effort to try all the various shoulder styles.  The pile started small, but eventually grew to contain every ring sling in the library.

The ring sling pile started small but grew rapidly.  No further pictures were taken.  There simply wasn't time!!

We checked out six ring slings last night to families with very young babies.  It was so amazing and heartwarming to see all the happy mommies leaving with their babies in slings.

Wrap lover Brittany, on the right, even got in on the ring sling action as she helped Sara learn to adjust the rings on a Didymos ring sling.

Delight checked out our brand new Sleeping Baby Productions brown linen ring sling.  She was one happy mama!!

I meant to snap a picture of Marie's living room floor prior to cleaning it all up, but forgot.  Imagine every carrier from both the Rigby library and the Idaho Falls library spread across the floor by helpful preschoolers and toddlers.  That's how much fun we had last night!!

Thank you everyone who attended our babywearing celebration!  We as your babywearing group leaders love what we do.  We love watching your face go from stressed to peaceful when your newborn falls asleep on your chest.  We love watching the joy you feel when you leave our meetings with a new carrier and new knowledge.  We've been there.  Babywearing has a special place in our hearts!!!

Our library would be empty without the amazing carrier companies who send us free carriers or sell us discounted carriers.  Marie is modeling a Wrapsody Bali Breeze AND a brand new Pognae, both donated to our library by the companies who make them.  This year we were lucky enough to receive many carriers in celebration of International Babywearing Week.  In addition to the Sleeping Baby Productions ring sling above and the Pognae, Kozy sent us a fabulous blue camo mei tie and Sling Rings sent us ten pairs of rings to try.

 Thank you for babywearing and celebrating our love of babywearing!

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