Sunday, October 20, 2013

Our Library is Growing!

Between International Babywearing Week, donations from vendors and companies, and two purchases, our lending library is growing!  Here's a look at what we've received in the past few weeks.

Soft Structured Carriers

Tula - We purchased a Tula since they've become quite popular and are really comfortable.  We're thinking of purchasing a second Tula so more people can try it.  What do you think?  If you're interested in trying the Tula, you'll need to go to the next Rigby meeting.

Boba - Boba donated a 3G in Glacier to our library.  A perennial favorite, we can never get enough Bobas around here!

Pognae - Pognae was a Platinum sponsor for International Babywearing Week 2013 and sent many carriers to BWI and we got one!  It's unique zipper panel will be lots of fun in the summer.

Action Baby Carrier - Action Baby Carriers just changed ownership and they're reaching out to groups to help promote their carrier.  One just arrived to Kristen's house this week and is still new in the package!  It will be at the Idaho Falls meeting this week to try!

Ring Slings

Sleeping Baby Productions - SBP also helped sponsor International Babywearing Week!  We received a beautiful brown 100% linen ring sling.  It's already been checked out and is currently loving a sweet baby.

Bara Barn - We recently purchased a Bara Barn ring sling to add to the library.  It's a sling made from a wrap.  It's thin and supportive.  We chose a beautiful blue color so it would be gender neutral enough for all of our babies.


Girasol Drop - Slingomama, a babywearing vendor in the Netherlands, donated this beautiful 4.6 meter wrap to our library after Kristen won a drawing.  Girasols are amazing wraps for learning to wrap and especially for tiny babies.

Girasol Symphuo - Heart-Hugs donated this shorty wrap to us when we purchased the Tula.  Jenni, the owner of Heart-Hugs, loves to help babywearing libraries grow.  We really appreciate her generosity!  It's a short wrap and is a diamond weave which is very different from anything else in our library.

Mei Ties

Kozy - A favorite brand of mei tie.  Kozy was another IBW sponsor and sent us a blue camo print mei tie.  Perfect for the dads!


Sling Rings - Another Platinum IBW sponsor!  Sling Rings sent us ten pairs of rings to play with.  These rings are designed specifically for babywearing.  They are made from aluminum, are safety tested, and contain no seams that could pull apart during use.  One of our wearers is using them to learn different wrap carries.  I like mine for a no-sew ring sling.

What Else?

As if nine new carriers and ten pairs of sling rings wasn't enough, we are going to continue upgrading our library!  We are working on selling a few unused carriers to fund newer styles.  Also, there are a few more donations we are expecting from IBW.

If you have any carrier suggestions, please let us know!

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Katie said...

Amazing. I must say I'm constantly amazed that here in our small corner of the woods we have the best lending library I've heard of ANYWHERE. So grateful for this resource in our very own community!