Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day two . . . one more time

The last session of the day today was the medical professionals panel. And I learned quite a bit. Towards the end, Elizabeth Strong from Ergo, also the moderator, shared a story about how she when to speak to a group of parents and it turned out that they were all deaf. She had an interperter and while she was speaking she realized that these parents NEEDED to be hands free. They needed their hands to communicate and having to choose between holding their baby and communicating didn't seem fair.

Arie Brentnall-Compton also shared that in the work she has been doing with some of the First Nations (Native) populations in Canada, babywearing saves lives. There are fewer maternal suicides, mothers in dangerous situations who are wearing their babies don't have to choose between leaving immediatly when they have the chance and going back for the baby.

I've heard over and over this week how that first moment you get your baby on changes your life. It feels right. Your instincts are suddenly in overdrive. And it's true. Babywearing changes lives. It saves lives. It gets to our human-ness on so many different levels. I want to shout it from the mountatin tops.


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