Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day two

It's hard to blog when one doesn't have Internet access. And it's hard to blog when one is putting on an International Conference. But today was a good day. A really good day. An amazing day. The concentration of amazing people in one place is really overwhelming for me. So overwhelming that about four times today I felt like I was going to just cry. And I am not a crier.

Tonite I got home and my four-year-old asked why I had to go teach all these people how to use carriers. I asked her if she liked being in a carrier. Of course the answer was yes. And then I told her that all these people are learning how to use baby carriers so they can carry their babies just like I carried her. Yes, my kids have missed me this last week. But see this dad right here?

This dad made a point to find me and tell me that he had a lot of ladies to thank. He wanted so badly to hold his baby, but he could not figure out how to do it. They had a mei tai and they could not make it work. And now the mei tai works. And now he's got a pouch--compliments of Hotsling--and he knows how to use it, too. Now he has TWO carriers that work and he knows how to hold his baby the way he wanted to. THAT is what the conference is about.

This is where I see him in a few years. Yes, I asked and he did this all by himself.

This is the Radcliff family. Melissa designed the Peekaru and together they run TogetherBe.

She called me yesterday because they were going to be late. Because they had a new member of the family just show up at the cabin they are staying at. A puppy. And they named it Rigby. And from that pile of free Hotslings she picked up a carrier for the puppy. Totally awesome!

This is me and Arie Brentnall-Compton on the "Rockin' Couch" down at the museum. Yes, it rocks. Literally. And it's rather theraputic, actually. (And by the way, Arie rocks, too!)

I love this wrap carry. Beautiful. And the Ergo is beautiful, too!

Babywearing is beautiful. And I am loving all these amazing, beautiful people filling Idaho with their passion and information. We hope it spills out into the rest of the world.

More to come . . .


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