Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Idaho Falls June Saturday Meeting

This month was the smallest meeting we have ever had at our Saturday meetings! It must be the lovely weather!
Sorry this pictures are blurry, the camera wasn't willing to cooperate.

For some the part ended before it even began.

Natalie trying a double hammock back carry in a Wrapsody Gauze wrap with Katie spotting her. Katie is wearing a Boba (they are new to our library and awesome!)

Corey was thrilled at what he was learning.

Katy and Katie!
Look at the beautiful Sakura Bloom!

Natalie cleaning up the mess with Liam in a Silly Goose. We love our geese!

Next meeting is tomorrow in Rigby and then Thursday in Idaho Falls.
Our Pocatello meetings will start this June or in July and we cannot wait!
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Jentri said...

Oh Kimber, Corey was thrilled to be playing with Kylan I assure you even if his face isn't showing it at that moment. I love how supportive he is of all this Babywearing craziness.