Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Saturday's Meeting

Hey Baby-wearers!
Tis' I, Kayla Bailey!!
Due to our nation's great holiday we will be canceling our Idaho Falls meeting this Saturday @ The Methodist Church.
Remember there is still a meeting in a couple of weeks!
ENJOY YOUR 4TH!! Practice safe babywearing and I'm eager for you to email some pictures!!

Here is mine:
Okay, so this is my neice, "Jewels," She was falling asleep, so I wapped this jacket around her head...
WELL! This morning I attended a meeting (taught by Melissa and Hamilton!!) and learned so much more of how to secure babies asleep in a Mei Tei carrier! Please come to the meetings so all of us can show you some awesome new tricks!
Do you know what I'll be doing this holiday weekend? YUP! Sporting some babywearing!
I challenge you to take a picture of your babywearing for the weekend!
Red, White, and Blue!!!!

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