Friday, June 24, 2011

We are official!

We have been welcomed into Babywearing International!
Watch for more official chapters opening throughout the country and an exploratory committee is working to bring BWI to Canada soon!

In other events, International Babywearing Week is this October 10-16! Watch for more information in the next few weeks!

This upcoming Wednesday at 10am Melissa and Hamilton from Freehand Baby Carriers and Togetherbe will be coming to speak with us. They will be at 470 Annis Hwy in Rigby.
They will talk to us about their carriers, their family and pretty much anything we want to talk to them about. We hear they may have a few new carriers for people to try on too!

Come and have some fun (and maybe score a goodie here or there). We're celebrating being official finally!


ann marie said...

Psst, the dates for IBW are wrong.
10-16. :P

Kimberlina said...

Fixed it! Should not write dates when tired.