Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Your Baby(wearing) Bump

One of the things about most babywearers I know is that at some point we get pregnant... again!
A lot of women think that means no more babywearing.
Yet, most toddlers I know still want to be carried by mama, so why are we removing one of our most useful tools from our parenting arsenal?

You CAN still babywear when you are pregnant.

For the first few weeks you can use front and back carries as if you aren't even pregnant.
But then the BUMP shows up!

Check our Angela. She is barely into her second trimester and looking amazing for BABY NUMBER FIVE ON THE WAY!
Back carries are perfect when your waistline disappears.
Angela has tied this above her belly for her comfort and little Eliana looks pretty content on mama's back.

But guess what... you can wear your baby up until you go in to labor if you really want to.
I was wearing my three year old up until about 4 days before I had my fourth baby.
It is doable and very comfy. Okay, as comfy as it gets when you are a million years pregnant.

Look at Marie! She is due to have her fourth little one this month!
(No, that baby on her back isn't hers! That is Liam and he belongs to another mama.)
Notice how Marie has buckled the wait strap below her waist. She could got above like Angela, but is more comfortable this way.
Still comfy, able to parent and getting a work out!

You can always wear a baby on your hip in a ringsling or a pouch if you want. I've even tried a front carry really high above my belly. It worked but it wasn't my favorite.

Of course, it is great to wear a baby when you are pregnant, but my favorite part of pregnancy is when it is over and I can wear that squishy newborn on the outside!

Can't wait to see our newest members of the Idaho Babywearer's family this year!
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Laura, Ben, and family said...

I wore my first on my back for walks, and to get him to sleep at night, up until I delivered my second. (Then the second spent a LOT of time tied on so I could keep up with the first). :-)