Saturday, March 19, 2011

The FIRST Idaho Falls meeting!

We are so excited to be meeting in Idaho Falls now!
(Special thanks to Rachel for letting us use her house for meetings.)

We also have 4 new leaders in training for the Idaho Falls groups:
Kayla, Katie, Rachel and Natasha.

Welcome aboard girls!

Some shots of the meeting:

It was a really fun group of ladies and something that was exciting was finding out a few gals had just googled "Idaho babywear" and found us and showed up to our meeting! Fantastic!

Next month I (Kimber) will be in Pocatello teaching a babywearing class with my husband and we plan to meet with the new Pocatello leaders in training so we can start organizing the Pocatello meetings.
I am also hoping to make it up to Boise to meet with our sister group, the Treasure Valley Babywearers.

It is very exciting to see the growth of the Idaho Babywearers right now!
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