Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Babywearing in a small town

I'm new to this small town.  We've been here for about a year and a half.  Long enough for me to make a bit of a mark, but not so much of a mark that everyone knows me and what I'm about.

I consider myself a pretty hard core babywearer.  I've worn my last three children very regularly, I lead the local meetings and I'm not afraid to tell someone they ought to just get a carrier.  So far I have "converted" about four moms in this little town.

What cracks me up about the whole thing is that people see me with a baby tied to me and they say things like, "Jen has one of those!  She does EVERYTHING with that baby."  Or "L. has one of those.  She does EVERYTHING with that baby."

These comments make me giddy.  I feel like they are affirming me and my "mission" without even knowing who I am or what kind of a babywearing fanatic I really am. 

This is Jen at Halloween.

She is the scout leader who got attacked by that bear (that is tied to her).  I think it's a brilliant costume.

She also did several hikes--one I think was 11 miles through a foot of snow--with a group of other ladies.  Jen was the only one with a baby and she didn't miss a beat.  She did have some help--some of the other hikers took a turn or two carrying the baby for her.  But she did the whole hike and she had a great time.  She also left a lot of her fellow hikers with a pretty great impression of babywearing.

Babywearing in a small town is pretty great.  I love that people tell me about all the great things my local babywearing friends are doing while babywearing.  I love that they get it even without knowing much about it.  And I love that they share their impressions with me, the crazy lady who thinks EVERY baby should be worn!

Carry on! 

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