Sunday, March 6, 2011

Just one more place we find babywearing

Children's literature!  My first grader brought this book home from school this weekend.

And look at this mama right there sending her kid off to the 100th day of kindergarten.

Ophelia (stuck with 100 stickers from her hat down to her boots) has twin siblings.  But that certainly doesn't stop her mama from walking her to the bus stop!

Ophelia's mama is smart and resourceful and she got herself a pouch.  She also has pearls on and earrings in her ears at the bus stop that early in the morning!  (Not too sure about her pants and slippers, but who am I to talk since I'm the queen of putting my snow pants on over my pajamas to go wait for the bus with my kid.)

It always makes me giddy to stumble across little things like this.  And those little baby otters look so snug and happy.   

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